Hot Hotel Hookers (1:39:21)

Big, black, and tattooed Thugzilla's horny as hell and has been waiting around in his hotel room waiting for a piece of ass. Lucky for him Elmo shows up and before he can even close the door the two are all over one another. Casanova Blue, a lean, muscular, and well hung black stud is taking a shower when in walks hooker "nigga" Chocolate Thunder. Casanova instructs him to blow him first and he does a pretty impressive job on the massive slab. I have to say it's an impressive cock that just dangles between his legs. He never seems especially hard but once he crams it deep inside Chocolate things heat up. Chocolate squeals with delight as he leans over the toilet and gets the fuck of his life! A skinny Kash needs to show some cash before he can go down on hotel hooker Kavasia. Well, putting his money where his mouth is, Kash blows Kavasia and gets him nice and hard. Kash knows how to suck cock and takes every inch down his throat. A man after my own heart! Needless to say Kash gets what he paid for and Kavasia delivers a great fuck in a number of positions ending with, you guessed it, a nice facial.