Butch Bear (1:25:26)

We all know bears come in all shapes, ages, colors, and sizes. That’s one of the best things about the bear community. Another great thing is thick, stocky, beefy bears fucking like bears. That raw, sweaty, nasty, impulsive kind of sex. The kind of sex where your man walks into the room and you know to get down on your knees kind of sex. The type of sex where the best seat in the house is right on top of a thick bear cock. The hold on tight cause we about to break this fucking cheap motel bed kind of sex. The I'm going to fuck you on the couch while your man is outside kind of sex. That’s the kind of sex you get from Jayson West, Victor West, Marc Angelo, Dale Savage, Emmet Frost, Dante Kirkdale, Skylar Cole, and Tate Taylor on Butch Bear. A little sweet and a little rough, mixed with a whole lot of sluty. Ending in hot men covered in cum. It really is good to be a bear.