Spanking 83 (1:09:18)

Tadeas Hospodar is shackled and gagged as he kneels on the training bench. He feels the riding crop running over his body and then hitting on his bare ass. Each time the hands land Tadeas jerks around. A whip is dragged over his back and then hits on the hot ass. The back is whipped too with Tadeas feeling every lash. The hands spank on the ass some more and then spread those sexy cheeks too. A plug is pushed deep into that hot ass with Tadeas feeling it as it goes all the way inside. Tomas Mracek lays on his back, gagged and with his wrists tied to his ankles. A hand rubs over Tomas' chest and then raises that sexy ass higher, rubbing in and spanking it. Then Tomas cock and balls are freed from the underwear as well. Oil is dripped onto the balls and ass and rubbed all over. More oil is rubbed over the ass and a thumb is pushed into the tight hole. It is soon replaced by a finger which fucks deep into Tomas' tight ass. Then a dildo is shoved into his hole, stretching it wide as it pushes inside. The toy is removed and the hole is fingered again. Then that is taken out too and the ass cheeks are spanked hard. The cuffs are removed and Tomas lays on his back to have his cock wanked some more. Handsome Bobby Orel is a very sexy guy. He looks awesome as he lays in the chair, with his wrists tied. His legs are up too, and also tied showing off his hot ass and tight hole with his cock and balls covered by his jockstrap. He is gagged too and strains against his ties, writhing in the chair. His tormentor arrives, cane in hand, and begins to rub it over Bobby's sexy ass. That cane flicks at the ass and pokes against the hot hole too. Bobby moans as the cane flicks on his hot ass. A finger pushes into his tight hole and fucks deep inside before being removed. The ass cheeks are spanked hard and then the finger shoves back into the tight hole. Clamps are applied to the balls and foreskin. The ass gets more spanking and the clamps are pulled to stretch the balls.