Your Dad Taught Me (1:37:42)

Uncle Drew done woke up to the sound of someone banging on his door. It's usually Trailer Dale asking for the lot fees, but today it was some guy in a suit trying to sell some of his encyclopedias. Drew decided to give that salesman a big stiff dick up inside his hairy little hole instead. The guys around the trailer park have been fucking a lot more than usual, they wanna take their clothes off and the more likely they are to get a dick up their hole. Greg Riley was there lifting weights and he asked to get a spot from Isaac but Isaac was a lot more interested in fucking Greg in the butt Alfonso and Liam got sent to clean up their mess in the restroom but it wasn't long before them boys just wanted to get out their cocks and fuck each other's holes. Them two boys Jack and Shae are at it again. Today they were supposed to be building something but then Shae saw that big dick Jack's got and decided he'd rather get his hold fucked. That's how we roll at Lot 45. Zac just can't get enough of that super-long dick that dirty pig Caine's got. Zac talks him into coming to "help him out" in the bathroom, but all he really wants is to get his hot little hairy ass fucked. And Caine... well he can't wait to help. That new boy Grant decided he was gonna have himself a yard sale to sell that stuff he don't need no more. He only wanted a dollar for that lounger, but Uncle Jonah gave him more than that... right up his sweet little smooth hole.