Taking Care Of Business (2:35:39)

Work hard, play harder – that’s all you need to know when you’re out there taking care of business! The new co-production from Falcon Studios and The Bro Network, directed by the acclaimed Raph North and shot on location in Torremolinos, Spain, follows eight of this company’s top salesmen as they gear up to take advantage of their latest work retreat with some deep relaxation and some unforgettable bareback team bonding. Bastian Karim and Tyler Berg are the first men to arrive at their boss’ Spanish villa. After a playful dip in the pool, the two embrace their newfound privacy by stripping down for Bastian Karim to get his jiggly ass stuffed and fucked. The next morning, a fresh crop of businessmen enter the villa with newcomer Manuel Reyes deciding that he’s on a mission to get a mouthful of Tyler Berg. While they sneak off for some outdoor fun, Dean Young, Angel Rivera, and Bastian Karim leave the pool for their own raw adventures that sees Dean Young getting fucked at both ends. Pietro Duarte and Sean Weiss are the next to arrive, but by the time they’re walking through the door, all the other men are drained and passed out around the house. Able to entertain themselves, the two hit the beach before heading to the pool for Sean to drill Pietro’s muscular ass. Top salesman Craig Marks is the last to arrive, but almost all of his coworkers have already disappeared for the weekend. Lucky for him, Sean Weiss is still around and ready to entertain the stud with a staircase flip-fuck. No matter if they’re in the office hard at work or covered in cum inside a Spanish villa, these bulging businessmen know what it means to be taking care of business.