After Party (1:28:10)

Ethan is a young, handsome guy who volunteered to work at this special bar where all the men are rumoured to be gay! Anyway, we're happy to introduce Thomas, a slim, tall, and very well-equipped youngster who is attracted to Ethan from the start! Ethan is more than happy to let Thomas suck his big-boy boner. Our sexy bar manager Florian, finds his employee Tobi rubbing his big boner in the darkroom all alone. Florian loves to help handsome Toby out of his misery; and both take their chance to suck each other's big cocks, until they cum on each other! What a great boss! After a ‘hard’ night (excuse the pun) at the bar, sweet barman Tobi tries to get some rest, but believe it or not – another cock is already demanding the young lad's attention! Max, a slim, young pup, rings the doorbell looking for knob to suck! You could say that boys who end up all alone in a bar at 4am are usually not the most … well, attractive specimens of male beauty, but Patrik exception! He obviously just stayed until the bar closed to be alone with his heartthrob, Simon. And maybe a bang! After a busy night with lots of sexy customers, Tobi spends a lovely evening with his new crush, Dominik, who he takes home right away. Dominik takes his chance to finally suck on Tobi's gorgeous thick cock; he even deep-throats it. Tobi thrusts his bare boner deep into Dominik and gives the young lad what he deserves: A good bareback fuck with a sticky, white climax!